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Cashare AG
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The crowdlending platform Cashare is the largest and oldest peer to peer platform in Switzerland and offers loans for individuals, companies and real estate loans. Investors have the opportunity to participate in financing. The financial services are available to persons with permanent residence in Switzerland (valid CH or LI residence permit).

When Cashare was founded in January 2008 it was the first crowdlending provider in Switzerland. The founders are Michael Borter (CEO) and Roger Müller (COO). Cashare AG is a registered public limited company and employs over 10 people. Cashare AG's activities focus on efficient, secure, simple and fast financing of SME and personal loans. Cashare is headquartered in Hüneburg, a political municipality in the canton of Zug.

The Cashare Loan Offer

In addition to the traditional personal loan, Cashare offers the following products for private individuals:

  • Car loan
  • Property loan
  • Investment
  • Refinancing
  • Loan for renovation / furniture
  • Loans for further education and continued training
  • Wedding loan
  • Loans for the self employed
  • Loan for taxes

The Carshare personal credit

The personal loan from Cashare can be applied for the above-mentioned use, it is a consumer loan for free use. The credit application is made securely and quickly with simultaneous registration on The term of the personal loan can range from 1 month to 60 months. The credit period is determined by the applicant. The total credit amount to be applied for ranges between CHF 1,000 and CHF 1,000,000.

Cashare interest rates

The Cashare personal loan is available with interest rates between 4.4% and 10%. The final loan interest rate depends on the creditworthiness and personal characteristics of the applicant. The final loan interest rate is based on a request for a quotation from Cashare. After Cashare has checked and approved the loan application, investors can finance the loan application.

Admin charge

In addition to the interest, the borrower is charged admin fees, which are levied by Cashare. The admin fee is 0.75 % of the received loan amount per year (minimum fee private loan CHF 75.00)

Advantages of the Cashare Personal Loan

The advantages at a glance:

  • Loan without a bank
  • The maximum interest rate can be defined by the applicant
  • Fair interest rate governed by supply and demand
  • No additional commissions like: opening fees, account maintenance fees, payout fees or quarterly commissions
  • Free access to the Cashare platform
  • Loan redemption possible

The credit application is simple, clear and quick on the website. If the loan project has been fully financed by investors and the funds have been transferred to Cashare by the investors, the loan amount will be paid out to the applicant. 

* The Cashare personal loan is currently not offered by any of our partners.