SME Credit: Cashare

Cashare AG
Bösch 73
6331 Hünenberg

Cashare is the first peer-to-peer credit provider founded in Switzerland in 2008.
The company offers simple, fast and cheap business loans also for small and medium-sized enterprises and connects companies in need of new capital with institutional or private investors.

Cashare connects investors and borrowers directly without traditional intermediaries, thus reducing costs and complex procedures. Cashare founded the digitisation of the Swiss financial market, as processing is carried out exclusively online. The crowd lending platform is based in Zug.

The Cashare Loan Offer

Cashare is an alternative to a traditional bank which has over 25,000 users and offers small and medium-sized companies attractive interest rates and conditions. The loan can be used in many ways to provide liquidity. Companies sometimes require loans for large-scale projects, for business expansion or for investment in research and development. Debt restructuring and refinancing are also conceivable.

The Cashare SME loan

Der vielseitige Cashare Kredit bietet kurze und längere Laufzeiten zwischen einem Monat und 60 Monaten. So ist eine flexible Gestaltung der Finanzierung auch kurzfristig möglich. Der mögliche Kreditrahmen bewegt sich zwischen 1.000 und 1.000.000 Schweizer Franken. Je nach Kreditsumme und Laufzeit liegen die Zinsen zwischen 5.5 und 13 Prozent. Die zusätzlichen Gebühren belaufen sich auf 0.75% bis 1.5% / p.a., Minimum CHF 500,-.

To qualify for a loan from Cashare, companies must be based in Switzerland or Liechtenstein and must have been in business for at least two years. The annual turnover must be at least 100,000 Swiss francs. Companies must be registered in the Swiss or Liechtenstein commercial register. To apply for credit, companies must first register without obligation and free of charge. When applying for a loan, borrowers need to provide all the important data on the company and submit important documents such as balance sheets and current financial figures. Cashare checks the application and the creditworthiness promptly and thoroughly. If everything is acceptable, the application is presented to online investors. If an investor is found, the contract is concluded after which the loan is paid out.

Advantages of an SME loan from Cashare

Cashare`s SME Loans are fast, easy and fair. Established companies can thus quickly find private or institutional investors for the growth of their business. Traditional intermediaries are no longer needed, which makes for efficient lending.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Strict credit assessment
  • Prompt processing
  • Low interest rates
  • Transparent processes
  • No additional costs
  • Early repayments possible
  • Fixed monthly instalments
  • Convenient and easy online registration

Following Cashare's review of the loan application, the loan will be released promptly once the application has been successfully approved and all contracts have been signed.