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Cashgate AG
Hagenholzstrasse 56
8050 Zürich

The Swiss company cashgate sees itself as a specialist for credit and security services. The cashgate company is also a sales partner for private credit and leasing offers from many well-known Swiss credit institutions.

Cashgate was founded in 2005 with the participation of five Swiss regional and cantonal banks as a specialised provider of consumer loans. This orientation changed in 2008 when Cashgate AG became a 100% member of the Aduno Group. It thus became part of one of Switzerland's leading providers of cashless payment products and services. As a result, Cashgate, as a wholly-owned subsidiary, also advanced as a credit bank and specialised primarily in the area of private loans and leasing products. The Aduno Group together with Cashgate AG is owned by a major merger of various Swiss retail banks such as the regional and cantonal banks, the Raiffeisen Group, Migros Bank, Bank Coop and various other private and commercial banks.

The registered office of Cashgate AG is at Hagenholzstrasse 56 in 8050 Zurich. The company also has branches in Lausanne, St. Gallen, Winterthur, Oerlikon, Geneva, Langenthal and Neuchâtel.

Loans offered by Cashgate

In addition to the two main credit offers - cashgateCREDIT and cashgateLEASING - Cashgate also offer other interesting products:

  • cashgateCAREER (educational loans)
  • cashgateCREDIT DRIVE (Car loans)
  • cashgatePROTECT (instalment insurance for all Cashgate loan products)

cashgate Credit

The cashgate credit can be individually configured according to personal needs and individual requirements. With a contract term of between 6 and 84 months, a loan of at least CHF 3000 up to a maximum of CHF 250,000 can be applied for. A longer term than 80 months is possible in principle and can be arranged individually.

Cashgate offers the personal loan at three different effective interest rates: 5.9%, 7.9% and 9.9%. Whichever interest rate applies in each case is calculated by Cashgate. The interest rate is set according to the following criteria:

5.9% APR - Applies only to loans with a minimum loan amount of CHF 20000. These may only be new contracts. In exceptional cases, to be negotiated individually, the previous loan can be increased at this interest rate. Loans at this interest rate will only be granted in the case of a minimum net income of CHF 4500 per month and can only be granted to Swiss citizens or foreigners with a C residence permit. Furthermore, the borrower must provide appropriate residential property as security.

7.9 % APR - This effective interest rate also generally applies only to new loans. Here too, the borrower must have a minimum net monthly wage of CHF 4500 and Swiss citizenship or, as a foreigner, a C residence permit.

9.9% APR - This interest rate applies to all new loans that do not meet the above conditions or alternatively to increases in current loans.

In all cases, the borrower must be resident in Switzerland and must be able to prove the financial viability of the loan.

Advantages of the Cashgate Loans

Cashgate AG attaches great importance to a sense of responsibility when granting loans. As a matter of principle, only loans are granted whose affordability can be demonstrated without any problems. If there is a possibility of over-indebtedness, the loan is rejected.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Flexibly agreed loan amount and contract term
  • Planning security through fixed monthly rates
  • Maximum transparency
  • Prompt processing
  • Early repayments possible
  • Remission of residual debt in case of death

The credit application can be submitted online easily and quickly directly on the website The examination, credit decision and the sending of a non-binding offer by our partners usually takes place within a few days. After conclusion of the contract, the agreed loan amount is paid out after the 14-day cancellation period has expired.