Corporate Loans Switzerland - SME Credit - Business Credit

In contrast to personal loans to private individuals, corporate loans are granted to companies, the self-employed and sole proprietors. Company loans are also known as SME loans, business loans or corporate loans.

The cost of taking out a corporate loan are made up of interest or fees, or a mixture of both. The term of the loan also plays a important role in determining the costs of the loan.

In our corporate loan comparison, companies can get an overview of the interest and fees likely to be incurred. offers the most comprehensive and largest comparison of SME loans in Switzerland.

A company credit is worth considering for the following purposes:

  • Current account credit (working capital loan)
  • Lombard credit
  • Investment Loan
  • Growth Loan
  • Research Funding
  • Follow-up Loan
  • Takeover financing
  • Debt rescheduling loans

Business loans are relevant for the following types of companies:

  • GmbH
  • AG
  • Self-employed persons / sole proprietorships
  • Foundations
  • Clubs & Associations
  • Cooperatives