Eny Kredit (Eny Credit by Eny Finance AG)*

Eny Kredit
Eny Finance
Hohlstrasse 614
8048 Zürich

Eny is an independent Swiss financial services provider and cooperates with Cembra Bank, which among other things signed an agreement in July 2017 to refinance a CHF 42 million private loan portfolio of eny Finance AG. According to its own statements, eny is the first provider of pure online private loans. Eny offers its financial services exclusively online and does not maintain any branch offices. The following financial services are offered by eny: Private loans and SME financing. The financial services are available to persons resident in Switzerland (CH or LI residence permit).

The credit provider eny Finance AG has been operating as a credit provider since 2012. CEO is Bonart Mati. eny Finance AG is a registered public limited company and employs over 10 people. eny Finance AG sees itself as Fintech in the service of people and their needs. The main focus is to provide customers with expert knowledge in a simple way.

The head office of Eny Finance is located in Zurich, in the canton of Zurich.

The Loans offered by Eny Finance

In addition to the traditional personal loan, Eny Finance offers the following products for private individuals:

  • Loan redemption

The Eny Finance Personal Loan

The eny credit can only be applied for online. The available terms for a personal loan range from 6 months to 120 months. The credit period is determined by the applicant. The total loan amount available to the borrower ranges from CHF 1,000 to CHF 120,000.

Eny Finance Interest Rates

The Eny Finance personal loan is available with interest rates of 4.5% to max. 9.9% p.a. The final loan interest rate depends on the creditworthiness and personal situation of the applicant. The final lending rate is determined by an offer request from Eny Finance.

Advantages of an Eny Finance Personal Loan

The advantages at a glance:

  • Flexible credit terms
  • Optional insurance cover against unemployment
  • Earlier repayment possible
  • Secure and Discreet

The loan application is made exclusively online. The check and also the interest offer on the part of Eny Finance is carried out immediately according to its own information. If the loan application has been approved and the borrower agrees with the conditions, the loan amount will be paid out after the statutory withdrawal period of 14 days.

* The personal loan from Eny Finance is currently not offered by any of our partners.