SME-Loan: TP24

Tradeplus24 AG (TP24)
Gerbergasse 5
8001 Zürich

TP24 is a Zurich-based FinTech start-up that specialises in granting business loans to to Swiss companies. With the help of an insurance solution in the domestic market, Swiss companies are able to quickly and easily take out a loan against the debtor's book of B2B invoices.
TP24 is now also represented in Australia, the UK and the Netherlands. TP24 offers the possibility to use your debtors' receivables in a unique way without the need for guarantees, pledges or other operating resources in order to obtain liquidity quickly and without bureaucracy. The credit is protected by a worldwide unique insurance solution.

CreditLine - The innovative business loan

CreditLine enables KM to use their existing invoices as collateral as collateral. Whether it is to promote the growth of the company, to buy a new machine, to bridge liquidity bottlenecks or to be able to offer better payment terms to customers themselves. The amount of the credit depends on the existing B2B invoice portfolio. As a rule, 70 % of the insured accounts receivable balance is invoiced monthly as a credit note on the amount already actually drawn.

Once a week, the accounts receivable ledger is transmitted to TP24 via an Excel file or directly via the accounting system. The available credit is thus constantly adjusted according to the accounts receivable ledger - within this credit limit the effective use can be selected flexibly. A complete repayment is possible at any time and the contract itself can be terminated with 2 months notice.
2-Monatsfrist gekündigt werden.

The procedure

Customers can register on the platform via , where they can formulate their enquiry and upload the necessary documents. After completing the TP24 SME loan enquiry at, a representative from TP24 will make contact to arrange a non-binding initial meeting and then guide the customer through the subsequent onboarding.


  • Annual accounts available
  • Established business model (min. 6 months activity)
  • Open invoices: min. CHF 100k currently outstanding
  • Customers mainly B2B, diversified, stable

The advantages at a glance:

  • Access to flexible credit line
  • Simple pricing structure, attractive interest rate without hidden fees
  • Silent assignment procedure (no disclosure to the invoice recipient)
  • Verified by renowned cooperation partners
  • Financing of international debtors worldwide
  • Minimal administration costs in daily business