Credit calculator Switzerland - calculate the monthly costs (personal loan)

Use our credit calculator to calculate the monthly loan costs in CHF by selecting the loan amount and loan term.
The credit calculator shows example percentages of 4.4% and 9.9% (credit calculator = approximate values). The credit calculator calculates costs based on the effective annual interest rate. The effective annual interest rate represents the total costs of the credit as an annual percentage.

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Amount of loan
250 000 CHF
84 Months
Effective annual interest rate from to
4.4% 9.9%
Monthly costs from to
3'933.60 4'146.45

Representative calculation

Size of loan20000 CHF
Term48 Months
Interest rate (effective)7.9%
Monthly costs 493.50 CHF *
Total costs 23688 CHF *

* including optional rate protection

Get an overview of the costs with our credit calculator

With our loan calculator you can calculate the monthly charge of a loan in Switzerland quickly and easily. Normally, one would first contact their own bank for a loan offer. However, the offer from the bank does is not necessarily going to be the cheapest and optimal solution for your requirements. At we work together with selected credit brokers and many different loan providers to ensure that we find the best possible loan for you.

Calculate interest

  1. Select the credit amount between 1000 and 250000 francs in the Credit Calculator.
  2. Select the desired credit amount between 1000 and 250000 francs in the Credit Calculator.
  3. The shown expected monthly costs for a loan are calculated using example interest rates of 4.4% and 9.9%.

When selecting our credit partners, we attach great importance to professionality and security, and so ensure the quality of a competent credit mediation. Transmitted data will only be used for the purpose of credit mediation and will not be passed on to third parties by us and our exclusively Swiss partners. Under no circumstances will any hidden brokerage fees apply. Our service is 100% free of charge.

Many credit institution offer the possibility of taking out credit insurance (which covers your payments, in the event of job loss or incapacity to work due to accident or illness). Our credit calculator shows the cost of credit with compulsory death insurance only. Compulsory death insurance is included in most credit agreements at no extra charge. Please contact your credit specialist for advice on this subject.