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The Migros Bank is a versatile specialist for credit services, but also for investments and savings. As a universal bank, Migros Bank is primarily active in retail and private banking, but also for small and medium-sized companies.

Migros Bank AG was founded in 1958 by Gottlieb Duttweiler. Initially the focus of its work was on savings accounts and mortgages. In the 1990s, further business areas such as funds, investment consulting, credit services and e-banking services were added. Migros Bank AG is a subsidiary of the Migros trading group.

The registered office of Migros Bank AG is Zurich. The company also maintains further branches in Liechtenstein, Geneva, Schaffhausen, Basel, Montreux, Freiburg, Chur and Martigny, among others.

Migros Bank Loans

In addition to the regular personal loan, Migros Bank also offers other attractive products:

  • Lombard credit
  • Current account limit
  • Fixed advance payment
  • Fixed loans
  • Variable loans

The Migros Bank Personal Loan

Your Migros credit from Migros Bank can be individually designed. It can be adapted to your personal needs and individual requirements. The contract term is between six months and seven years, with a possible loan amount of 1,000 CHF to 100,000 CHF.

The Migros Bank offers with immediate effect private loans with interest rates between 4.9% and 7.9% . This interest rate applies to new personal loans of 5,000 Swiss francs or more. Those who increase their existing loan with Migros Bank by 10,000 francs or more will also benefit from this low interest rate. Those who pay more than 4.9% for the loan at another credit institution can also benefit from the low interest rate by switching to the Online Migros Bank.

A further advantage at Migros Bank is the free protection in the event of incapacity to work due to accident or illness, which can already be claimed after the 90-day period.

Loans can be applied for between 18 and 64 years of age. The client must also have a permanent job. A loan is not permitted if it leads to the customer being over-indebted.

Advantages of a Migros Bank personal loan

Migros Bank AG attaches great importance to accountability and transparency when granting loans. Therefore, loans are only granted to persons who are creditworthy.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Flexible credit and individual contract terms
  • Budgeting possible through fixed monthly rates
  • Prompt and unbureaucratic processing
  • Free protection in case of incapacity to work due to accident or illness
  • Early repayments are possible
  • Loan at your free disposal
  • Remission of residual debt in case of death
  • Favourable interest rate for online applications

The credit application can be easily requested on the website. The application will be checked. In the case of online applications, a provisional decision is issued immediately. The final credit decision is made after the documents have been checked. In the case of written applications, a non-binding offer is made within a few days. Once the credit agreement has been concluded, the loan is paid out in the desired amount after a statutory waiting period of 14 days.

* The Migros Bank private loan is currently not offered by any of our partners.