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    Mortgage comparison

    Our mortgage comparison provides you with independent and free mortgage offers from several mortgage banks. With well over 100 mortgage providers in Switzerland, it is difficult to find the most individual and favourable offer for you.

    Our mortgage partners are long-standing mortgage specialists who compare and advise independently, competently and ethically on mortgages and mortgage interest rates. The advice also includes the selection of the type of mortgage (fixed interest, Libor or variable mortgage).

    Some mortgage providers charge up to CHF 480 to use all comparison and advisory services, such as MoneyPark AG. This fee is not visible on the website when you first register and request a consultation. Customers do not learn about this fee until during the first consultation appointment (source:

    The mortgage comparison and advice provided by our partners are always 100% free of charge and non-binding. Use our free mortgage consultation service to find the most suitable type of mortgage for your needs at lowest possible interest rate.

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    • The mortgage comparison is completely free of charge
    • Mortgage specialists will find the most favourable mortgage for you.
    • Flexible credit periods.
    • Processing by phone and mail - no house calls if desired!
    • During the consultation no negative enquiry is made to the ZEK.
    • After the mortgage enquiry: you will be contacted immediately.
    • Your personal data is transmitted securely via SSL and will not be passed on or used for other purposes.

    Examples of possible mortgage providers:

    Credit Agricole
    Credit Suisse
    Hypothekenbank Lenzburg